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Main ingredient: Bibhithaki taila (Belliric Myrobalan).

Belleric myrobalan helps in better absorption of iron and in preventing hair loss. It is rejuvenating in nature.

Bibhitaki is useful in hoarseness of voice, asthma, cough and common cold.

Seed oil of this herb is also beneficial for skin disorders and premature graying of hair.

It also boosts up hair growth and helps to impart black color to hair.

Indications for Amalakesh:

Hair fall and dandruff
Hair Care

Amalakesh can be used separately as home care medicine or in addition to the following Ayurvedic Procedures to achieve the best results:

Shiro Abhyanga
Shiro Pichu
Shiro Vasti
Shiro Dhara
Takra Dhara
Kashaya Panam etc

How Does Ayurvedic Medicine Work?
Ancient Indian medical system is based on natural and holistic approaches to promote physical and mental health, it takes into account bio-individuality and a patient’s entire body-mind-spirit connection. Ayurvedic medicine helps to balance all doshas and increase body’s ability to resist and recover from diseases.
Ayurvedic medicines focus on treating the root cause of disease and restoring balance throughout the whole body. Since ayurvedic medicines have natural ingredients they don't have any side-effect.

To Consider:
- Don’t use Ayurvedic medicine to postpone seeing a doctor about a medical problem.
- If you have a health condition, talk with our doctor before using Ayurvedic products.
- If you’re pregnant or nursing, be sure to consult your or your child’s doctor.
- If you are on any traditional treatment then consult your physician prior using any ayurvedic medicine. Make sure that your ayurvedic treatment coordinates with the complementary treatment plan.
- Tell your doctor about any complementary or integrative health approaches you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.