Snehana Karma

Snehana (Oleation therapy) is a part of pre-therapeutic procedure in Panchakarma. It includes external and internal oleation. In internal oleation, panchakarma expert asks for drinking a specific amount of medicated ghee or oil for a specific period. The amount of medicated ghee or oil is gradually increased on daily basis. The course of oleation therapy may take 3 to 7 days. Ayurvedic massage with medicated oils is a part of external oleation. The duration of massage may be 30 to 45minutes according to individual needs and health condition. After Ayurvedic massage, herbal steam bath is also very important.


Internal oleation therapy is known as Snehapana and it’s included under abhyanthara snehana therapy. In this process oral intake of medicated ghee is administered for several days before starting the panchakarma therapies.



Plain sneha or ghee is intaken orally where the dose will be increasing each day.

While considering therapeutic effects and manifestation of disease, generally achasnehapana is considered as snehapana.

Vicharana snehapana

Small amount of sneha added with diet for a certain time period.

Things To Be Considered For Snehapanam:

1. Analysis of lipid profile pre and post-completion of therapy
2. No appetite before this pre-purification therapy
3. Process is continued till Samyakalashana is reached
4. First two days dose (Matra) may not be counted


Snehapanam is an oral medication in which sneha (oil) or ghee is given to the patient internally with proportionally increasing doses on regular basis for about 8 to 12 days. To ensure best results, medicated ghee is given to a patient with an empty stomach. Overproduction of gastric juices in the digestive track is neutralized by the intake of medicinal ghee. Snehapanam dose is given on the basis of an individual’s ailments and his/her ability to digest the medicine. Each day specific amount of ghee is given at early morning and patient is advised to drink only warm water and when it get digested that is when hunger feels porridge or rice soup is given and not any heavy food should be taken.


Increasing memory

For good appetite
For detoxification
Good for skin etc


Skin diseases like psoriasis
Diabetes mellitus
Peptic ulcer
Urinary disorders
Chronic ailments like Piles, constipation etc.


For those whom snehana is not indicated.

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Wearing Ayurvedic clothes or practicing on Ayurvedic Yoga Mat in addition to the Ayurvedic treatment can also improve the health of patients.