Ayurvastra – Ayurvedic Clothes

Ayurvastra – Ayurvedic Clothes

Ayurvastra is the cloth which is made from organic cotton fabric that has been specially treated with medicinal herbs to impart not only medicinal properties but also beautiful hues to the textiles.

Benefits of wearing Ayurvastra

- Ayurvastra cloth is totally organic, sustainable and biodegradable.

- The skin received the medicinal benefits of these herbs through the contact to clothing, bedding, or coir mats.

- It is now being used extensively for treatment of wide range of diseases such as diabetes,, skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis, Leprosy, allergies, body acne, head ache, Sleeplessness, hypertension, anaemia, arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory conditions, such as asthma etc.

- Has anti-microbial, antiinflammatory properties

- Ayurvastra can further be used as energy booster, mood enhancer, and blood purification and cooling.

- Suitable for adults and children

The roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and barks of around 200 herbs are used to make the dyes. The natural herbs are generally found in very beautiful and distinct shades. Ayurvastra is also becoming very popular for its colour.

Two kinds of Ayurvastra clothes:

For curing diseases - sleep wear, bed sheets towels, meditation clothes and coir mats

For wellbeing - sarees, T-shirts, shirts, trousers, kurtas, dhods, chuddars, nightwear, fashion wear, sportswear and inner wears, there are caps for healing headaches, goosery caps for head balance, cooling caps, hair shining caps, hair strengthening caps, bandages, mask, and so on

The principle of Ayurvastra action

The usage of Ayurvastra cloth is based on the principle of touch. Our skin is the body’s largest organ. The skin functions as a protective barrier but also as a medium for outside substances to enter the body. In the same way that the skin may absorb environmental toxins and chemicals from conventional clothing, it has the ability to absorb volatile oils released from herbs used as natural dyes.

The close contact of Ayurvastra, next to the skin enhances body metabolism which leads to effective elimination of body toxins. The herb-infused and herbdyed organic fabrics act as healing agents after the healing content being absorbed through the skin. Each fabric is infused with specific herb that can help treat Skin infections reflect an imbalance in one or some of seven unique layers of the skin.

Clothing considered as ‘second skin’ to wearer can play a significant role in the overall health of our skin.


Ayurvastra or the ayurvedic medicinal cloth are made of 100 per cent pure organic cotton or silk, wool, jute and coir products that has been prepared on hand loom, processed and dyed by using various ayurvedic herbs to assimilate medicinal qualities into them in a controlled temperature and environment. Thus, these are free from any chemicals that may release toxins and irritants harmful to users as well as environment. The process of making Ayurvastra is very complex, manual and time consuming.

A study found that a liberal use of harmful chemicals in the textile industry leads to severe health problems to both the workers and consumers. These harmful chemicals come into direct and prolonged contact with our skin causing skin irritations, allergies and even cancer.

How to wear

The most valuable time to wear Ayurvastra clothing is when the body is at rest such as during sleep or meditation because this is when the body is reestablishing balance through physiological healing. This makes use of Ayurvastra for sleep wear, bed sheets towels, meditation clothes and coir mats a logical solution.

Now a days the herb treated fabric is made into saris, dresses and everyday clothing as these have found use not only to cure but also to prevent diseases being capable of restricting growth of pathogens

Ayurvastra involves an ancient technique of dyeing textiles using medicinal herbs. Even today, in some parts of South India, ayurvedic herbal dyed clothes are used to carry a new born baby as tradition, which will act as an antibacterial barrier for the child. In ancient literature too, there is evidence that these cloths were used as a medium for ayurvedic treatment.

Eco friendly

Its production does not add up to environment pollution. Ayurvastra not only reinforces the importance of sustaining the planet for future generations but also considers the well being of current generations using age old practices. Ayurvastra can play effective role in revival and elevation of the market for eco-friendly fabrics. With people becoming more health conscious all over the world, ‘Ayurvastra fabrics have great scope in times to come. Thus, it may be taken as emerging or new area of entrepreneurship and job opportunity for young people at one hand and on the other contribute towards offering economic stability to nation.

Organically grown crops for Ayurvastra fabrics improve the fertility of the soil by promoting the development of earthworms and above ground arthropods. Thus, organic fields accommodate a greater variety of plants, animals and microorganisms and uphold biodiversity in the area.

Instructions for care

It is very important to follow the correct care instructions during washing or dry cleaning the Ayurvastra. This should be washed separately with bleach free detergent. For machine wash, gentle cycle is recommended. This cloth should be ironed with warm iron; steam iron is preferable.

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