Tridosa is composed of two words: tri + dosa; means a group of three basic elements i.e., Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When Vata, Pitta and Kapha are vitiated they produce disease and when they are in equilibrium, or in their natural state, they maintain the body.


Pitta represents metabolism.


Pittas are usually of medium size and weight.
Pittas have a lustrous complexion
Perfect digestion, abundant energy, strong appetite
They sleep soundly for short periods of time
The have a powerful intellect and a strong ability to concentrate.
It is characterized by heat, moistness, liquidity, and sharpness and sourness.


Pachaka Pitta –It is located between large intestine and stomach, because of its function are digestion and transformation of food materials. It cooks the food, divides it into essence and waste.
Ranjaka Pitta – The pitta located in the Amasaya (stomach) is known as Ranjaka. It converts the useful part of the digestion into blood.
Sadhaka Pitta – The pitta located in the Hrudaya –heart is known as Sadhaka.It attends to mental functions such as knowledge, intelligence, self- consciousness, etc, thereby helping the purpose – aims of life.
Alochaka Pitta – It is located in the eyes. It helps in vision.
Bhrajaka Pitta – It resides in skin and helps in exhibition of color and complexions.
Unbalanced pitta is primarily characterized by body heat or a burning sensation and redness.

Symptoms of pitta imbalance


Increased hunger and/or thirst
Greying and/or loss of hair
Hormonal imbalance
Giddiness and/or migraines
Hot flashes and want for substances that have a cooling effect on the body
Bad breath/body odour
Sore throat


Inflated Ego
Overly goal/result oriented

DO's & DONT's

Keep cool. Avoid hot temperatures and food and spicy meals.
Favor cool, heavy, dry foods and sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes.
Reduce pungent, sour, salty tastes and warm, oily, and light foods.
All types of non-veg diet should be avoided, especially red meat
Fried food.
Try cooling pranayama techniques, like Sitali and Sitkari.
Administer regular body and head massages with cooling oils.