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The first products of VASUDEVA VILASAM were made by Sri N Subramonian Unni and his students for the priest and the brahmins who had bath in the majestic and holy Padmatheertham pond near Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple every morning. It was special hair oils, body oils, Rasnadi choornam (a hair powder to be used after bathing) and tooth powder. And these unique formulations still remain in their original formulations till today.

When Dr Pradeep Jeothi, current Chairman, joined the company, he brought his engineering skills imbibed over many years as space scientist with ISRO to modernize the manufacturing division.

A 30000 sqft GMP (Good Manufactiring Practice) and ISO Certified State of the art manufacturing plant was established in Trivandrum in 2000.

The plant currently manufactures over 500 Ayurveda medicines and formulations in the traditional manner under expert supervision and scientific management.

Stringent quality control measures are adopted in raw material procurement, preparation, packaging and labelling.

VASUDEVA VILASAM produces Ayurvedic medicines having a product mix of textual and proprietary formulation and pure herbal formulation for health care, body care and cosmetics for skin care and hair care.

Today our medicines are exported to over 20 countries all over the world. All our products are highly appreciated for the efficacy. In 2019 we plan to introduce 24 new products in the market.

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