Snehana Karma

Snehana (Oleation therapy) is a part of pre-therapeutic procedure in Panchakarma. It includes external and internal oleation. In internal oleation, panchakarma expert asks for drinking a specific amount of medicated ghee or oil for a specific period. The amount of medicated ghee or oil is gradually increased on daily basis. The course of oleation therapy may take 3 to 7 days. Ayurvedic massage with medicated oils is a part of external oleation. The duration of massage may be 30 to 45minutes according to individual needs and health condition. After Ayurvedic massage, herbal steam bath is also very important.


Shiro Dhara has immense impact on the nervous system. It immediately acts to calm and relax your mind and has a cleansing effect on the nerves.

Shiro - head

Dhara - pouring in stream

Shiro Dhara is extremely beneficial for people suffering from imbalance of Vata and Pitta. A person suffers from feelings of fear, insecurity and worry when his/her Vata is out of balance. Imbalance of Pitta can cause a person to become angry, frustrated, irritated and even cause him to lose the sense of right and wrong. Shiro Dhara involves the use of such liquids that help to counter the negative effects of the out-of-balance Doshas or conditions. The liquid soothes and pacifies the Doshas when applied to the forehead, scalp and nervous system.


Do head massage with appropriate oil for 5 to 10 minutes before procedure. Whole body massage may be needed as per requirement of patient in any particular bodily conditions. Ask individual to lie on back (in supine position) on Shiro Dhara table. Keep small pillow or cloth under the neck to support. Adjust shirodhara pot or equipment, so that oil from the pot falls on the forehead. Distance from the pore of the pot and forehead should be about 10 cm. Put oil in the Shiro Dhara pot and start pouring oil or liquids over the forehead and head of the patient. Ask patient to relax and enjoy the sensation coming from pouring oil over the head or forehead. A continuous stream of the oil should be poured over the forehead and oscillate or move the pot from one side to other side of forehead, so that stream of the oil goes from left lateral part of forehead to right lateral part of forehead and vice versa. Recollect the oil from the table, reheat it and maintain temperature of shiordhara oil, put the recollected oil in Shiro Dhara pot. After the Shiro Dhara, the oil or liquids are wiped off from the forehead and head and then patient should relax for 30 to 60 minutes. Patient can take bath with medicated water or warm water after 30 minutes of the procedure.


40-60 min at a stretch depending upon the nature of disease.

Period of treatment : 7-14 days or longer periods depending on chronic and stubborn cases.


Shirodhara is suitable for everyone. It is helpful especially in following disease.
All nervous disorders
Mental illness
Stress etc


Nourishes and calms brain.
Improves sleep.
Improves memory and concentration.
Removes anxiety and fear.
Nourishes hair and scalp. Etc

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“Treatments often vary in duration and intensity depending on nature of ailments, body constitution and the status of Tridosha of the person.Constitutional approach is an essence of Ayurvedic treatments and treatments may be different for two persons with same illness. Treatment program are planned after consultation with our in-house ayurvedic doctors.”

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Wearing Ayurvedic clothes or practicing on Ayurvedic Yoga Mat in addition to the Ayurvedic treatment can also improve the health of patients.