Snehana Karma

Snehana (Oleation therapy) is a part of pre-therapeutic procedure in Panchakarma. It includes external and internal oleation. In internal oleation, panchakarma expert asks for drinking a specific amount of medicated ghee or oil for a specific period. The amount of medicated ghee or oil is gradually increased on daily basis. The course of oleation therapy may take 3 to 7 days. Ayurvedic massage with medicated oils is a part of external oleation. The duration of massage may be 30 to 45minutes according to individual needs and health condition. After Ayurvedic massage, herbal steam bath is also very important.


It is an effective Ayurvedic treatment advised for prevention and getting rid of many psychosomatic illnesses.

Shiro - head

Pichu - a swab or sterile cotton pad or a sterile cloth dipped in medicated oils


This procedure is done by placing the cotton pad soaked in medicated oil on the vertex for certain period. As this process does not involve massage, it can be confidently performed in painful conditions or ulcerations of the scalp also.


Generally Pichu is done for 40 to 60 minutes. The duration can vary according to the disease conditions


Relieves headache and migraine
Beneficial in treating neurological disorders like paralysis and facial palsy.
Prevents hair fall, split hair and premature greying of hair.
Reduces stiffness in neck and eye strain.
Improves memory.
Relieves sleep disturbances
Treats the diseases related with the scalp etc

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“Treatments often vary in duration and intensity depending on nature of ailments, body constitution and the status of Tridosha of the person.Constitutional approach is an essence of Ayurvedic treatments and treatments may be different for two persons with same illness. Treatment program are planned after consultation with our in-house ayurvedic doctors.”

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Wearing Ayurvedic clothes or practicing on Ayurvedic Yoga Mat in addition to the Ayurvedic treatment can also improve the health of patients.