Swedana karma

The word Swedana is derived from the Sanskrit word, meaning to sweat or perspire. Swedana Karma is a group of procedures used to induce sweating. Swedana helps in relieving stiffness, cold, heaviness in the body and produces sweat. Swedana also refers to internal excreta of the body. According to Ayurveda, Swedana Karma is instrumental in helping to liquefy the sticky and adherent doshas that have lodged in the peripheral tissues. Swedana will help soften and melt the toxins, opens up the pores of skin and help in expelling them from the body in an efficient manner.


Narangakizhi comes under pinda sweda therapy. The treatment is based on fomentation or Sweda which means inducing sweat in order to treat various ailments.


The boiled herbs along with lemon are tied in the bolus and heat is administered to the affected part till you sweat. The medicinal herbs in this case are chosen on basis of their specific properties so that the bolus prepared from it can prevent further soreness of joints and relieve the pain


Naranga kizhi is mainly associated with providing relief from the stiffness of joints and other musculoskeletal pains. It also helps in the treatment of fro sprained ligaments, sports injuries, lumbar spondylosis, cartilage tears and rheumatoid arthritis. Naranga kizhi also pacifies the Vata and Kapha doshas and helps eliminate toxins from the body. It facilitates the smooth movement of joints and improves blood circulation too. etc

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Wearing Ayurvedic clothes or practicing on Ayurvedic Yoga Mat in addition to the Ayurvedic treatment can also improve the health of patients.