Rookshana karma

The word "rooksha" refers to dryness. Rookshana karma induces dryness in the body. This is required whenever there is increased oiliness and stickiness in the body.


Udvarthana is included in the panchakarma treatment in ayurveda. For this treatment massage therapists use herbal powders. Massage is done in the seven positions in opposite direction to that of the hair follicles. Dry herbs are cleaned, dried and powdered as per the instructions of the physician. This powder is then heated mildly and used for massage in upward stroking. The deep massage improves the blood circulation, opens the channels and effectively stimulate the breakdown of the stored subcutaneousfat by improving the basal metabolic rate.


The patient is made to lie on the treatment table. Two Ayurvedic therapists would then apply special medicated powder prepared from various herbs all over the body and gently massage in a particular pattern. The treatment duration would be from 30-40 minutes daily and the treatment period would range from 14-28 days depending on the body condition. The therapy helps in removing the fatty deposits from the body and in weight loss. It also improves the blood circulation and mobility of the limbs and joints. It removes the cellulite accumulations, thereby providing the skin with shine and smoothness, and is beneficial for many other Kapha predominant diseases.


Obesity and related complications
High cholesterol and triglycerides
Diabetes and Diabetic neuropathy
Metabolic syndrome
Excessive sleep
Lack of freshness
Restoring skin health and glow
Nervous disorders, Motor neuron diseases, Parkinsonism
Neuro-muscular disorders,
Muscular weakness, muscular dystrophy
Rheumatoid arthritis with kapha and ama predominant symptoms like heaviness, stiffness of joints, swelling of joints, reduced mobility
Skin diseases
Menstrual disorders in women (irregular periods) Etc


Exfoliates dead cells, softens the skin. It leads to a sense of a lightness in the body.
Detoxification and purification. It imparts mobility to the joints. Prevents untimely drowsing.
Increase the blood circulation opens up the body channels. It enhances and facilitates and the metabolic activity of the skin complexion. Cures itching sensation.
Strengthens and tone up the muscles. Toning the skin and muscles after child delivery or weight loss.
Reduces the accumulated subcutaneous fats. It removes cellulites and thus help in weight reduction. Removes Kapha toxins from the body.

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“Treatments often vary in duration and intensity depending on nature of ailments, body constitution and the status of Tridosha of the person.Constitutional approach is an essence of Ayurvedic treatments and treatments may be different for two persons with same illness. Treatment program are planned after consultation with our in-house ayurvedic doctors.”

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Wearing Ayurvedic clothes or practicing on Ayurvedic Yoga Mat in addition to the Ayurvedic treatment can also improve the health of patients.