Ayurveda places an enormous emphasis on the importance of caring for the mother before, during and after pregnancy.

For a healthy mother and child: Monthwise diet check Monthwise special ayurvedic preparations for the mother Traditional oil application from the sixth month onwards Advice on activities that a pregnant woman should follow Medicines for morning sickness and other pregnancy related complaints

Note: All medicines and treatments should only be taken under proper guidance of the doctor


For a mother, the first few months after delivery are crucial since the uterus after expanding due to delivery, shrinks back to its normal size & ligaments, muscles and tendons associated with uterus start gaining back the lost power.


To restore the digestive fire. Normalize the vata, which may vitiated after the delivery Optimize the quality of breast milk To avoid exertion. To prevent the complaints during post natal period such as UTI, Backache, Loss of appetite, Thirst, Anxiety, Anger, Disturbed sleep, Depression, etc

For Mother

Internal medications:

Dasamoolarishta Jeerakarishta Asokarishta Dhanwantharam kashayam Dhanwantharam gulika Panchmakolasavam Thenginpookuladi lehyam Vidaryadi lehyam , pulilehyam Shatavari gulam etc.

The medicines given in this stage will help the nourishment of the body, improvement of general health, and toning up of the nerves and muscles. This also keeps away flatulence, gastric discomforts etc.

!! All the medicines are not advised together. Doctor combines the medicines based on symptoms of the mother.

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*Before buying, consult our doctor.

External care:

Abhyangam (full body oil massage) with Dhanwantaram kuzhambu, Pindatailam etc. It helps to strengthen the lower back, hip area,joints, muscles and tendons.

• Herbal decoction bath: the water should boiled by adding Nalpaamaraadi patta. Locally these treatments termed as Vethu kuli.

• Avagaha (sitting bath) with water boiled with Nalpamaradi patta

• Tummy care or udara veshtanam

! These external therapies are done in case of a caesarian only after complete healing of wound.

For baby

• Mild oil massage with suitable oils like Nalpamaradi, Lakshadi etc. • Mild head massage • Herbal decoction bath • Uramarunnu gulika etc.


Stretch marks happen when there are sudden changes in the weight or shape of your body. They do not mean there is something wrong with your health. Men and women both suffer from stretch marks, pregnant women and women who are not pregnant. People of all age groups can experience the problem of stretch marks.

How to remove Stretch marks?

Nalpaamaradi tailam

Kumkumadi tailam

Apply a paste of neem, aloe vera gel, sandalwood to get rid of itching.

A diluted decoction prepared with neem, tulsi, turmeric is used for irrigation over breast and abdomen.

Wearing Ayurvedic clothes or practicing on Ayurvedic Yoga Mat in addition to the Ayurvedic treatment can also improve the health of patients.

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